These interactive quizzes are  based on the Essential vocabulary for TOEFL test book of  Vocaboly. There is also another vocabulary document on TOEFL, GRE and SAT.

Should you have any questions, comments etc. regarding the interactive quizzes, please do not hesitate to contact Ferit KILI«KAYA through e-mail.



(There are 15 groups including 35 words in each -except the last one. You can select the meanings by word or words by meaning.

select meanings by word

select words by meaning

Group-1 Group-11 Group-1 Group-11
Group-2 Group-12 Group-2 Group-12
Group-3 Group-13 Group-3 Group-13
Group-4 Group-14 Group-4 Group-14
Group-5 Group-15 Group-5 Group-15
Group-6   Group-6  
Group-7   Group-7  
Group-8   Group-8  
Group-9   Group-9  
Group-10   Group-10